Journey Through The Past


Bertrand Loreau

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Many people don’t know that there are other gifted musicians in France besides Jean-Michel Jarre.The starting point of Bertrand Loreaus CD-releases on the well known MUSEA-Label goes back to the year 1993.In France Bertrand Loreau is one of the most talented artists in the field of progressive electronic music.That’s the reason why Spheric Music became curious. The album “Reminescences” was the “ignition key” that encouraged Lambert Ringlage to realize the idea of compiling a kind of “Best Of” unreleased recordings. Bertrand Loreau had trust and gave a big amount of archive titles to Spheric Music. Lambert Ringlage had the chance topick up the titles he considered to be the best. The result is a nostalgic review on Bertrand’s starting musical career.The titles came from the period of 1982-1988, when Bertrand has composed many Berlin School influenced tracks. But it was always important to him to put his own emotion into the songs.Though the tracks are old and the sound quality had some weak points we feel fascinated by these old pieces :Loreau managed to warm up, depthen and melancholize the partly cold and monotonous Berlin School atmosphere.By his experiences in classical piano and probably as well by his French roots, the tracks gain melodically and harmonically a special emotional charme.To be recommended to all fans of traditional electronic music (end of 70s, early 80s), who like the old sounds of Hoenig, Froese (Stuntman-era) or the early Jarre and Schulze classics.Come on, let us go on a journey through the past of the vintage synthesizer sounds of the 80s. Have a pleasant journey !


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